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Accu Foot Size will help you accurately derive your shoe size including length and girth of your foot, making it easy for you to pick the perfect shoes while shopping online.Accuracy of the measurement will depend on quality of the picture, proper alignment of the sheet with the boundary on your camera view and the precision with which you manually calibrate and calculate the length and width of your foot.

How we are different

Accu Foot Size is the only 2D app in the world which gives the length and width of the foot with less than 3 mm margin of error. It also derives the ball girth of the foot with margin of error being less than 4 mm for feet with normal width and thickness.

To determine the shoe size, all you need are the length, the width and the ball girth of the foot. No other device including 2D scanners achieve measurement of the length, width and the ball girth at the same time.

Accu Foot Size incorporates a correlation factor that is based on a survey conducted over a population of 1000 adults. The correlation factor gives indicative foot girth from the foot width where the difference between the actual and calculated foot girth for feet with larger widths and thickness could be slightly more than 4 mm.

If you have a very narrow/ slim foot or a wide/ thick foot, please do the following to confirm your shoe size:

  1. Use “Accu Foot Size” to determine your correct foot length, foot width and ultimately, your size.
  2. Measure your foot girth with a measuring tape as in the picture below.
  3. Provide us with a picture of the best fitting shoe that you currently own.

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